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turn-key solutions

  • Auto-Replenishment: An automated fulfillment service based on the continual replenishment of an always available catalog. 

  • Private Label: Products made to naturally expand your brand equity into highly regulated and specialized segments. Our talented team of creatives have an intuitive ability to understand your brand’s characteristics and execute product ranges in our specialized segments that both respect and expand upon your brand’s tenants. 

  • Licensing: Merchandise produced under licensed trademarks and brand names. 

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social responsibility:

our approach


GLI conducts business with integrity, striving to protect the environment around us as well as the rights of those who work with and for us. We are consistently working toward sustainable and environmentally responsible approaches throughout the creation and production processes that guarantee sustainable designs. Our materials, factories, and partners are sourced for their ethical practices and procedures. GLI’s team in Asia regularly audits and monitors factories according to GLI’s stringent Factory Expectation Guidelines, ensuring labour laws and compliance standards are followed.

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our approach


GLI’s quality control includes a team based in Montreal and another in Asia. GLI’s team in Asia conducts daily interactions with factories through hands-on communication for production approvals and quality assurance. There are also frequent onsite visits to control key processes during the production stages.

quality control:

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